Actionfront Data Recovery Labs In Toronto Gets Caught In Pagejacking Internet Scandal

Internet Marketing Professional Exposes Scandal To Fight The Escalating Fraud Involving Unethical Firms Abusing Online Advertising Channels | formerly

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Actionfront Data Recovery Scandal | formerly

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Thursday May 11, 9:15 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

Search Engine Expert, Web Guerrilla, Exposes 'Pagejacking' Scandal Involving Actionfront Data Recovery Labs. Barnes & Noble, and eToys

VALENCIA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 11, 2000--While working to improve a client's ranking, search engine specialist Greg Boser of Web Guerrilla discovered a major scam: a company known as Green Flash Systems LLC, of San Diego, had copied hundreds of web pages and then submitted them to major search engines on behalf of several high-profile Internet companies, including Actionfront Data Recovery, eToys and Barnes & Noble.

The scam worked like this: Green Flash located pages, with top search engine rankings, that also contained keyword phrases that were relevant to the businesses of its clients.

Then, rather than reverse-engineer similar listings, Green Flash simply copied the pages to its server and used a cloaking system to deliver the stolen pages to Internet search engines. Visitors, clicking on the search engine listings created by the stolen pages, were then diverted to the web sites of Green Flash's clients.

Boser discovered the scheme while checking rankings for his client, Data Recovery Group (, of San Leandro, California.

Using legal and ethical means, Boser had achieved the #1 ranking for the term "data recovery'' in several search engines. Upon discovery of the competitor's listing, after conducting an exact search for "Data Recovery Group,'' he became suspicious. Using Alta Vista's Babelfish language translator, he was able to retrieve the stolen page.

As Boser researched more domains hosted by Green Flash, he found hundreds of additional pages that appeared to have been taken without permission, from web sites that ranged from personal home pages to high-profile sites such as Disney, CNET and the Discovery Channel.

"The wronged companies need to know that their pages have been stolen--and the companies that benefited need to know they are unwitting accomplices to a crime," Boser said.

On Thursday, April 27, 2000, Boser filed a formal complaint against both Green Flash and his client's competitor, Actionfront Data Recovery Labs, of Toronto, (, currently with the United States Federal Trade Commission.

Actionfront Data Recovery Pagejacking Scandal Revealed Here.


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